by elinOR?e

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super rough demos recorded on a porch in florida august 2014

"... in a mud cloud, mica-spangled, like the sky'd been breathing on a mirror" - joanna newsom, only skin


released August 24, 2014

thank u all of mica this summer
also my fam
for some good times

(cover photo creds 2 isabel)



all rights reserved


elinOR?e Monroe, New York

archive of sad sad sad lonely gay music made in highschool

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Track Name: socks on gravel
road trip with my parents
too old to get carried from the car
im taller than my mom
but i get in trouble
for socks on gravel
what does it matter?
too tired to tie my shoelace
i still have the same face
so many freckles
maybe it ruins every crush ever
always someone older
but right now i am
crushless and shoeless
drag me across the parking lot
i don't want to miss
a minute of dreams
i stopped at the rest stop where we all stopped that time
now im too sad to go back on the cinnabon line
secret hugs in the bathroom
what will i say next time i brag to you?
when will i even talk to you again?
art basel 2030 or before then?
just don't forget me and isabel
if you do find us all we'll do is tell you
how much we love all of your art and
how much we miss being apart
in three different corners of the country
california, new york, and miami
text me
call me
snail mail
pigeon tail
Track Name: song 4 allie
you look so cool on your bike you look so cool on your bike
super fast but i can see your nikes
you look so cool on your bike
you look so cool on your bike you look so cool on your bike
i like your helmet i think its cool that you care
about bicycle safety over your hair
your hair is pretty nice tho do you cut it yourself?
Track Name: luv me now (or never)
love me now
love me now
i can't wait any longer
remember when it rained
the sky turned orange shades
it reminded me of how people change
when it turns back to blue
maybe i can too
and you can love me then
i really don't want you to love me
i know that you are already happy
i just think you're cute
and everyone else does too
it'd just be really cool if you could love me a bit too
at least in my dreams
guest star once a week
trade me some CDs
and sing
love me now
love me now
i can't take this any longer
Track Name: 407
laying in my bed by the open window
i could hear the purple highway and someone laughing
every night i thought about how i'd miss it
another twelve months of frogs and crickets
in the candlelight we found a ghost in the apartment
it tried to kill us
but we have a rosary, JT, josh and lindsey, campus safety,
and brandy,
we're as safe as can be
i can hear cocorosie
and everything happening upstairs
molly's ukelele,
the garbage piles up but who cares?
i'm gonna hate finding
my way through the dark
without tripping on a tripod
or someone elses art
at 4:27 what am i supposed to do?
open my refridgerator
and find it devoid of mountain dew?
before i go to bed
i can still watch cat videos for an hour
but only in my head
i can hear fiona singing in the shower